MSTU “STANKIN” took part in  “Career and professional orientation day in Moscow”

“Career and professional orientation day in Moscow” was hold on February 17th, 2018 on the territory of VDNKh. Actual event was hold for the ninth time with support of the Moscow City Government and corporate group “RDW Media” (projects Rabota.ru and Ucheba.ru). At the “Career and professional orientation day in Moscow” acknowledged experts and scientists from different spheres told about the professions which will appear in the future, what young people should aim at and what education is worth getting to become the desirable specialist tomorrow.

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The program of the event included the exhibition of the institutions of higher education and colleges, where Russian universities and institutes presented their stands with the information about their faculties and educational programs. MSTU “STANKIN” took place in “Career and professional orientation day in Moscow” not for the first time and comes to be this event’s official partner. Despite being a one-day exhibition it was traditionally visited by nearly 20 thousand people.

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MSTU “STANKIN” presented on its stand original showpieces made up in the university – robot “Dog”, robot “Scorpion”, puzzle, brain-teaser and figures produced on 3D printers. Exhibited objects attracted a lot of attention of the visitors, applicants and their parents went away from our stand in a great mood with all their questions answered by the representatives of our university!  

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Within the framework of the exhibition short and vivid presentations of the institutions of higher education and companies took part side-by-side with each other. MSTU “STANKIN” was represented there by the executive secretary of the Admission committee Igor Mikhailov who told about the features of  admission in the University in 2018.



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