Roundtable “Judicial issues of foreign students in Russia” at the Public Chamber of Russian Federation.

On February 14th  2017 at the Public Chamber of  Russian Federation involving international youth  civil society organization “Commonwealth” there was held  the Roundtable  “Judicial issues of foreign students in Russia” wherein took part political figures, experts, representatives of civil society organizations, representatives of the Association of Foreign Students and representatives of federal and regional higher education institutions.  

Sutormina Elena Vasilievna, chairman of the Committee on Development of Social Diplomacy and Fellow Citizens Abroad of Public Chamber of the Russian Federation delivered a complimentary speech. She highlighted that nowadays the Russian Federation is on the 7th place in the world in amount of foreign students what is a great indicator of efficiency of higher education institutions. In this case, she mentioned acute issues of this sphere:  

1) validity of educational visa  and prolongation of  current visa after the studying of foreign students at the preparatory faculties of higher education institutions ;

2) educational internship for foreign students and the difficulties of its passing;

3) opportunities of temporary employment for foreign students.

The president of Association of Foreign Students Adu Yao Nikez added the issues of insurance of foreign students to the agenda of the Roundtable and put an emphasis on the necessity of judicial reconsideration of administrative expulsion of foreign students from the Russian Federation.  

Skorobogatova Vera Igorevna, director of Glavexpertcenter of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation summed up that the specified task of the Government of Russian Federation – to make the 5% availability of foreigners of the total number of trainees in the Russian Federation, was accomplished by the 2015/2016 educational year. However, she underlined that the growth of the foreign students in comparison with the 2014/2015 educational year worked out 13% and it is the best efficiency ratio in the world.

The chairman of the Committee on Youth Initiatives of Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Tarbaev Sangadghi Andreevich noticed the importance of the mentioned issues.

Summarizing the above, Silanov Alexey Nikolaevich, member of the Committee on Education and Science of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation suggested introducing these and other issues, dedicated to the judicial issues of the foreign students in the Russian Federation into the panel session of State Duma in March 2017 what will be the beginning of the solution of the questions in this sphere.  

During the discussion these respected participants also expressed their opinion according to the object of the meeting: Chetiy V.V. (president of the Global Association of Graduates of Russian (Soviet ) Higher Education Institutions), Aliev M.H. (member of the board of  International Youth  Civil Society Organization “Commonwealth”),  Tolstobrov A.O. (head of the Department of Realization of Legislation on Labour Migration Issues of MDMA MIA of Russia),  Morkel O.U.  (chief inspector for major cases of the Department of Organization of Execution of Administrative Legislation of MDMA MIA of Russia) and others.

On behalf of MSTU “STANKIN” director of the Education Center for Foreign Citizens Popova Nadezhda Ulievna took part in the Roundtable.

According to the results of the meeting there will be prepared a resolution.

Translation of the meeting (discussion part).



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