Students of the Kazakh National Technical Research University named after K.I. Satpaev (KazNTRU) undertake the scientific internship “Additive technologies in machine –building” within the walls of MSTU “STANKIN”.

In the framework of the mutual treaty in the scientific & educational sphere  between Kazakh National Technical Research University  named after K.I. Satpaev (KazNTRU) and MSTU “STANKIN” aiming at the development of the partnership and many – sided cooperation  in order to prepare high – qualified specialists  in the various spheres of technologies and machine –building, Master’s Degree students (2nd course of education) of KazNTRU named after K.I. Satpaev undertake the scientific internship on the program “Additive technologies in machine –building” from the 25th of February to the 7th of March within the walls of MSTU “STANKIN”.


The scientific internship program includes especial theoretical and practical lines which consist of 6 educational blocks:

·       Additive manufacturing. Basic technological methods of additive manufacturing.

·       Systems of usage – based powder materials. Selective laser and cathode ray melting – main point and variety of methods.

·       Direct manufacturing of functional items using laser radiation. Laser surface coating.

·       Machines and equipment for metal items manufacturing. Technological opportunities of methods of additive manufacturing.

·       Individual consultations with leading scientists of the University on the subjects of Master thesis researches. Consideration  of preparation of interns’ materials for their publishing  in the collection of studies of MSTU “STANKIN”.

·       Briefing on the results of R&D activities of interns, preparation of accounting records of the internship. Presentation of the Certificates based on the results of  interning


Apart from the R&D activities which take place in the laboratories of additive technologies equipped with the modern technological devices students will get acquainted with the cultural life of Moscow, visit its museums and take some strolls in the city centre.


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